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CNC Lite
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CNC Lite

PC-Based CNC Machine Tool Controller Software

CNC Lite is an ideal, low-cost, entry-level software and/or hardware toolkit for creating and customizing your own CNC machine tool controller for any 2 to 8 axis CNC machine tool with an excellent upgrade path. Fully customizable operator interface allows you to define buttons, lights, analog controls and axes display. Ready for use on Mills, Lathes, Routers, Water Jets, Flame Cutters, Lasers and EDMs. No need to understand C++, Visual Basic or Ladder Logic. No PLC hardware needed, the computer becomes the PLC and does the logic.

Developing an operator interface is easy with CNC Lite because CNC Lite contains a wide variety of graphical tools already developed for the user to drag and drop into place.

CamSoft a leader with Innovation and Experience

The CNC Lite CD includes several different operator interfaces to select from for several machine types. Also included are dozens of logic example routines for Digital I/O, Analog I/O, Tool changers, Homing routines, Overtravel limits, Jogging devices, Feedrate override, Spindle Speed override, Voltage override, Turrets, Rotary tables, Gear changing and all the other common Buttons, Lights, Needle gauges, Readouts, HandWheels, Knobs, Slider bars and Toggle switches found on traditional CNC controls.

For more feature rich alternatives, CamSoft offers CNC Plus and CNC Professional software.