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This site is to bring buyers and sellers together in hopes that you will use CamSoft to upgrade your CNC Controller

Try to sell your machine or buy a used machine that can be quoted with a new CamSoft PC Based CNC Controller, which comes with a one-year warranty. The CamSoft Controller upgrade uses the latest in technology, performs high speed cutting, shows solid modeled tool path graphical animation and has unlimited G code program size. The CamSoft Controller upgrade uses low-cost PC based spare parts available from multiple sources for which CamSoft or our Dealers can provide technical support. We will also provide free CAD/CAM software that you may give to the buyer.

NOTE: The only rule is that the CNC machinery posted on the Retrofit Network should be in need of a CNC Controller upgrade and will be advertised as such.

Disclaimer Notice: CamSoft is not acting as a broker or agent for the seller nor is CamSoft verifying the validity of the claims, descriptions, condition or photos of the machines shown on this site. By submitting the photos you are releasing to CamSoft those photos and the permission to use these photos for promotional purposes on this site or in e-mails.